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250 Zepplin FPV Racer Review & Build Log

250 Zepplin FPV Racer Review & Build Log

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The Zepplin 250/270 FPV Racer quadcopter frame, provided by & designed by: Arkadiusz Czekay

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The 250 frame consists of 2 side panels, which are milled polyamide with fiberglass, along with a carbon fibre top & bottom plate, the motors are held in place with carbon fibre mounts which connect to the straight through carbon fibre rods (12mm) using a horseshoe clip made from strong polyamide.

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Included with the frame kit, is a bank of defused LEDS, which is 4s compatible :) (I got red – other colours to choose from) this led bank just compliments the rear of the quad brilliantly, adding to the aesthetics & design, these bright leds are super handy for the person behind you, it gives them something to look out for & chase :)

below is a list of the main electronics used in this build!


I always layout the parts, all sorted & in correct little piles on the bench. (think ikea)…
The picture below, I’ve already added some sticky velcro to secure the battery on the carbon top plate, along with the gold sma video transmitter extension cable, this will feed along the inside of the frame to the front where the video transmitter will be located.


I then mounted my old DYS 1806 brushless motors to the motor mounts. (I realise now, these were mounted, upside down! pictures below in the gallery.)


DYS 20a speed controllers fit nice & snug within the right & left section of the frame. this keeps the build neat & tidy. (deal with the wires later)


Feed the 12mm carbon rod through the front & rear of the frame, tighten down the 3mm bolt that will hold it in place temporarily. ( not to tight! )


the wire on the DYS esc wasn’t long enough to reach all the way through the carbon tube, so I extended the wires!
( what I should have done: extended the wires from the motor side, then feed that into the tube then connect the wires at the ESC side )


I laid out the power distribution board with the connectors & wires I’ll be using, soldered & covered with liquid tape.
I used a female JST connector for the video tx on the 12v line, a standard servo wire on the 5v line which will power the naze32, then hooked up the rear led light the main LED pads on the PDB (switchable on/off)


The Naze32 had the buzzer hardwired & attached to the underside of the board, the buzzer sits next to the rx pin outs, this will be facing forward (board align: -90 yaw)

20150908_191230 20150908_191234

The FrSky D4R-II radio receiver was stuck to the front of the quad, just under the front carbon rod, connecting the servo cable to the naze pins. (making sure to double check all polarity)


With the naze32 & PDB in place, Start to slide the frame sections together, this will hold everything in place for the time being…


Turn the quad upside down & start to pin down all the power leads from the ESC, getting each 1 so there is a little give on each cable (makes them easier to get in and out)


Each esc signal wire had to be cut, join the white wire to the naze32 signal pin & the black ground to the grd motor pin… (make sure its the correct esc going on the correct naze32 motor pin!)


Squeeze everything in, making sure NOT to nip any cables or have any wires or metal tips touch the carbon plates! cover things with liquid tape or electrical tape to reduce any chance of shorts!


GoPro & battery mount test…


Video Tx extension cable along with top view into the quad, everything all tucked away!

all wiring in place

Mount & join the motors to each end of the carbon rod, solder and heatshrink the motor wires to the esc.


mount the FPV camera & test the video, (hopefully there’s no magic smoke when you plugin the battery)
20150910_212134 20150910_212213


250 Zepplin Racer Maiden Flight

FPV – 250 Zepplin Racer – Kelburn Park Port Glasgow

Through out this build I took note of the little things I thought would help in the build process or for future tweaks to the design.

I would swap out the naze32 for a SPFracing FC or the CC3D fc (flashed with cleanflight – of course!) using the breakout cable which comes with these kits, would remove the need for motor pins on the naze32..

Degree markers on the frame (or) motor mounts, which would help level the mounts & give a clear indication of motor tilt degree’s

Spacing is truly an issue! if you don’t plan ahead it will come back and bite you in the ass! think things through before proceeding & cutting wires!

This tough, little, fpv racer build, is NOT for the faint hearted! the time on this project took more than 4 nights (roughly 18hrs) to cram everything inside, such a little space. Nearly every single component was modified to fit, the ESC wire extensions, the Naze32 pins removed, ESC signal wires hard wired to the board! video transmitter wires cut down to fit, the D4R-II was the only thing that didn’t need any modifications, it just sat right at the front just behind the camera! but once its all put together you’ll have a tough, fast & very agile little 250 racer!

  1. Build Time: few days! really challenging for a beginner.
  2. Strength & Durability: frame is solid but the carbon rods can be weak in a crash
  3. Features: Choice of tilted or flat motor mounts is awesome, the led is great along with the VTX mounting options.
  4. Flying: very agile & responsive (once tuned) as well as very light!
  5. Repairability: can be quite tricky to get to anything, once it’s in place, its in! but remove a few bolts and it pulls apart letting you get to the guts!

If you’re looking for a light, agile & responsive frame this is for you.If you’re NOT not at ease with modding or cutting wires then pass!
I would say this frame is NOT for the average beginner but more for the hobbyist looking for something of a challenge, something that will perform well, fit in a bag! this is most definitely for you!

hopefully you enjoyed my review of the 250 Zepplin Racer, as always, leave any comments or suggestions in the comments box below!.


Get your frame @

Check out his other design: P250HARD

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