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How to: Download X360USB PRO Tools & Drivers

How to: Download X360USB PRO Tools & Drivers

Last Updated: April 8, 2011 9:26 pm 0 comments

UPDATED: 05/11/2015

Are you having trouble finding what tools you need to use your X360 USB along with your Xecuter CK3 Lite? Look no more, the list below will direct you to all the tools and updates you’ll need.

The X360USB PRO v2 has two sets of drivers, one for the CK3i Drive power controller and the other for the X360USB PRO USB Data Controller, If you have a problem with one of the drivers (usually a yellow exclamation mark next to the device name) simply right click and uninstall it then manually delete the files attributed to the device that you uninstalled. This sometimes happens if you had older versions of CK3 or X360USB previously installed

Other Requirements:

  • Xecuter X360USB Pro
    Xecuter X360USB PRO
  • DVD Drive Power source (the tutorial uses an Xecuter CK3 Pro)
    Xecuter X360USB PRO

Grab all the files, install the drivers, Update your X360USB to the latest version & your ready to start reading / writing to your drive, (remember to take a backup before flashing!!)

The New X360USB Pro V2

Note 1: 12v Power has to be connected to this device. Standard USB to Molex 5v will not be enough.

Note 2: If your system experiences lag or JF freezes when performing operations such as Drive Intro, or if things like, auto slimkey are not working then make sure the AUX Power Switch is set to OFF (switched towards the USB port)

Note 3: The Update switch is only ever used when you need to upgrade the firmware of the X360USB PRO V2. Make sure the switch is to the OFF (away from the reset button). If you have the switch set to ON (Bootloader Mode) then it will not install the X360USB PRO V2 drivers or even detect as an X360USB PRO V2, but a generic Windows HID driver which enables you to upgrade the firmware over USB.

X360USBPRO v2 switches

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