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How to Install Garmin Mobile XT Ver 20 On Your N95 / N95 8gb

How to Install Garmin Mobile XT Ver 20 On Your N95 / N95 8gb

Last Updated: September 9, 2008 9:30 pm 258 comments

Source: Nokia forums

Installation procedure for V20 of the Garmin Mobile XT.

Files that are required for complete installation are as follows:-

1. GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_42020
(These are zip files so please do not extract them, it is part of the setup procedure to do that)
2. GarminMobileXTSupportFils_4xxxx
3. GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx
4. Garmin_kgen Ver1.5
5. SCGRv17
6. GarminUnlockerAutomatic
7. POIloaderforwindows_252

There are other files included in the download like POI and Uk Speed Camera etc, etc,
however the files named above will get your Mobile XT on your phone and working with Internal GPS.

and can be found Here Garmin Install Files

Click the N95 Applications and you will see a list of available downloads,
look for the Garmin Mobile Install Files. Once found download them to your PC.

You will need to extract the files to a folder on your computer,
please name it Garmin (so you know where the files have gone and for easy access).

Firstly make sure you have enough space on your Memory card(N95) or phone Memory(N95/8gb)

We shall start with the Main Program and then sort the mapping out.

Installation of Mobile XT.

You can do this with a Card Reader or straight to your phone,
I prefer straight to your phone cos it saves removing memory card.

Connect Phone to PC using DKE-2 cable and make sure you select Data Transfer. Navigate to your Garmin folder on PC and double click this file GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_42020.

The zip manager will run and you will need to click setup to commence, once it has started unzipping the program will start and you will see a blue Garmin Install Screen like one show here…

Select Removable Media D\ and then click on Install, once that has happened it will install files direct to your N95 memory card and create a Garmin Folder on your phone.

Once completed you will need to do the same for these files GarminMobileXTSupportFils_4xxxx GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx

Then when you have completed installation of all 3 files. remove your phone from the computer, you will get the warning about removing cable before so just accept that message, your phone will now lauch Garmin Mobile XT select Yes,at this stage you can check to see if it works ok and is running. And carryout the following

Set Selections if prompted (use jog left or right to select)
Text Language, English (No Zulu), next
Voice language, English, next
Units, Metric, next
Online Access, Prompted, OK
Read message and select ‘I Agree’

Make sure you cancel the searching of satellites, cos you havent cracked the internal GPS setup yet. Once your happy with this you can exit program and then move on to the next stage.

Cracking the GPS selection so you can use the Internal GPS.

Double Click Garmin_kgen and it will start the keygen program and should look like this

Start Garmin Mobile XT on your phone

Now on the display select (Jog to) ‘Settings’
Jog down and right to ‘About’ (next display)
Write down the no. displayed at ‘Card Id:xxxxxxxxxx’

Go ‘Back’ and again ‘Exit’ and enter at ‘Yes’ to exit the Garmin XT program

Plug in the USB cable on N95/PC and select data transfer again
Open My Computer and browse to the Garmin folder in the N95 memory card directory
Garmin Mobile XT folders can be seen.

Open Notepad text editor on desktop and keep handy

Using the k e y g e n “garmin_kgen.exe’ (blue ball icon), and enter the “Card ID” you wrote down earlier from the Garmin Mobile XT About page at the input line where requested.

Press the top ‘Generate’ key to generate a device unlock code.

Highlight and copy to clipboard the generated “device unlock code” and paste it into the already open notepad text document.

Use ‘File-> ‘Save As‘ and select ‘Save as type‘ All Files to save the file as file name SW.UNL on desktop or preferred folder of choice. As shown above.

Move the SW.UNL file to the N95 memory card under “Garmin” folder if it was not saved directly to N95 Garmin Directory.

(If you do not save the file using type All Files then the file is saved as a .txt type file and it won’t work unless the .txt extension is removed by renaming)

At this point if all is done correctly then the procedure can be halted and the program tested for functionality. The program should now be functional using the World base map but no detailed maps are loaded as yet.

Remove the USB cable from phone. After the usual complaint about incorrect stopping then do nothing because as the N95 memory returns for normal use (or sd card is placed in phone) the Garmin Auto start function will prompt you if you want to run Garmin Mobile XT. If nothing happens in a minute or so then start the program from within Applications.

On the prompt “Garmin Mobile XT detected Launch now?‘ select Yes to start. Program will launch and you must agree to Warning text as shown.
Cancel GPS search
Jog to settings -> system -> Remote GPS (first top choice). Press enter key. Now there should be two choices

1) Use Bluetooth GPS and
2) Use Attached/Built-in GPS.

Jog to second choice 2) Use Attached/Built-in GPS and press ‘Enable’.
If there is no choices and only a “pair new GPS” selection then you have a problem, either with the SW.UNL file (maybe with .txt extension or other) or incorrect/key gen procedure install. Recheck and/or redo above. Check Card Id. If you regenerate the Device code will change. If you have to change the Card ID the SW.UNL file must be edited to a new generated code.

If the second choice is enabled it will search for GPS. If it cannot find the GPS at this stage when searching it could be a weak signal. Just give it a few minutes and/or move to a better GPS signal area, like outside. Also try exiting the software and re-enter as above as it would a search for the GPS at entry. Either wait or cancel and then enter again to settings -> system -> Remote GPS (first top choice). It will search and if the GPS is found will show a ‘GPS information’ page with bars indicating signal strength, the device Id: and ‘Assisted GPS’ with ‘disable’ or ‘done’ selections at bottom. If you disable you are back at choices as above and on enable the GPS info page starts promptly

Press ‘Done‘ and again ‘Back‘ twice.

The option ‘View map’ could be now entered and the World map (Europe) can be seen (If the GPS is found the map will auto-zoom to higher detail). Remember no detailed maps are loaded as YET. Press the right top function key to return to main menu and jog to Exit”.

Installing the Maps

To install mapping on to your N95, you will firstly need to get the mapping. depending on where you are from. I have succefully downloaded various mappings from torrent website’s using Azureus as my downloader, you may have a different one like utorrent etc…

To get the mapping if you search for in Iso Hunt or use the Click Here option next to each mapping below

Garmin City Navigator Australia
Garmin City Navigator Middle East 2008 Click Here
Garmin City Navigator Europe V9
Garmin City Navigator New Zealand Click Here
Garmin City Navigator Taiwan V8 Click Here
Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2008
Garmin City Navigator Mexico NT 2008 Click Here
Garmin City Navigator………(country eg Europe), you will see where they are hosted..

Dont worry about the keygen cos you will not need it by doing this procedure.

Once you have some mapping, you will need to install it on your computer by clicking the setup.exe that came with your mapping, do this for all your mapping you require, so when you eventually open up the main program you will have every map set you have downloaded and installed, these will install into root of C:\

Before you proceed to upload mapping to your phone, they are required to be unlocked…included in the download was GarminUnlockerAutomatic. With in this rar file there should be 2 files..

1. All.bat
2. GarminUnlocker.exe

both these files need to be placed in C:\Garmin, which should be the folder where your mapping was installed to, place in the root directory of C:\garmin, once in place all that is needed is to run the all.bat file and you will see all your mapping that you have installed on your PC be unlocked..

You will need to reconnect your phone at this point and select Data Transfer.
Start your mapping program and click next

you should see then that it has found your Garmin Device (i.e your N95), if this is greyed out you will not be able to proceed to next bit. So will need to refresh in order for it to detect your phone.

Click next and you should be presented with a grid and what ever mapping you have as default selection

if you want to change your mapping then look in the bottom left corner and you can where you can select other map sets.

Striaght forward now is to select which piece of the map sheet you require, it should highlight yellow and then go pink when selected, you should be able to see aswell how much space this will take on your phone in the right hand side.

Once you are happy, you can then click next and it will start to build up the file and then upload it to your phone.

Once uploaded, disconnect your phone and restart Garmin Mobile XT Ver 20, Go outside and check that you can:

1. Get GPS Fix
2. Get Position
3. Zoom in by pressing Key 3 and checking that where you are corresponds to that on the map.

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