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how to update your n96 firmware change your slide open and slide close sounds

how to update your n96 firmware change your slide open and slide close sounds

Last Updated: July 8, 2009 2:15 pm 2 comments

The Nokia N96 had a recent firmware update, hot on the heels of the N97, with the release of its version 30.033 (18-06-09) with this new firmware there was NOT a lot of noticeable new features, apart from the usual software fixes,

which should make your phone run a little faster, but one of the features caught my eye, the slide open & slide close function were you can replace the sound made, each time you slide open or close the phone it will make that sound…

To change the Sounds that the slide open and slide close makes.

Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Themes > Audio Themes > Phone Handling Events

in this section you will be presented with -> Open Slide & Close Slide;

select the sound files from the listings, and that’s you…

Here’s what im currently using, the Star War’s Lightsabre open and close sounds

which can be found here Open Close

If you need to find out how you can update your firmware, have a watch at the video below, this will outline the steps to take in order for you to Update Over the Air, this is using the built-in Wifi, or 3G connection to download, (one good thing is the progessive download -  you wont loose your place when it stops or looses connection)

Update your Nokia N96

New software available now!
File size: 108.45 MB

What’s new

Functional and image quality improvements are included with the firmware release.

New features include:

  • Application stability improvements
  • Image quality improvements
  • Uninterrupted viewing/recording of videos
  • Improved Bluetooth interoperability
  • Compatibility with Nokia Email service

How to get the update

Option 1: Over the air

1. a) Go to the Device Manager:

Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager

Select Options > Check for updates*.

1. b) or type in *#0000# on the home screen to jump there directly.

2. Follow the prompts to download the update. As connection, choose either your operator data connection (there may be data transfer fees charged by your operator) or WLAN.

3. Enjoy!

Option 2: Using your PC and USB cable

Get the latest Nokia Software Updater and install it on your PC.

Before you start

While the good news is that the software update preserves your personal data and applications, you should always make a safety backup of your device content before updating the software. Please also connect your device to a charger during the update.

* If you are told no updates are found, this could mean the update is not available yet for your particular operator; check back again later.

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