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MAG – Farmyard Party 2009 the aftermath

MAG – Farmyard Party 2009 the aftermath

Last Updated: June 23, 2009 11:38 am 7 comments

This years 23rd Farmyard party was the biggest to date, the largest gathering totally for bikers, by bikers for biking…

Read on through for some of my own pictures, Ill get some videos posted in the coming days..

The Farmyard Party 2010 dates have been posted, so get this in your calendar
18/06/2010 until 20/06/2010



Friday 19th June, all the guys met at Shugtech‘s were we all started to fill up the car with all the bits and bobs that wasn’t going to be carried by the guys on the bikes..

When we finally set off around 10am, we talked about meeting up at the Hamilton service station, just on the outskirts of Glasgow, on the way, my bloody exhaust decided to come loose and snap right at the back box, while doing 70

After pulling over and ripping the whole back box of completely we were on our way again, meanwhile paddy on his Suzuki Bandit, took the wrong turn off and started to head for Edinburgh, but this was cool, using his GPS on his trusty n95 he plotted in a route to get him to at least Carlisle were we could meet up once again..

the drive down to the little town of Helmsley was a long and tiring drive, but once we got there it was all worth it,

the guys headed over to the camp site while I got my car parked in the long stay car park which only cost me £4.90 per day, once the guys found a good camp spot they headed back to us at the car park and loaded all our stuff on.

The weekend was a blast, my first farmyard party and im sure ill be back next year for another round..

leave your comments, and take a look at some of our pictures,

FarmYard Gallery

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Helmsley Village to Farmyard Camp site

Big Tent Rock out!

Just a View around the campsite

Big Tent – Rock Chicks..

Crazy – Wasted Man Lady

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