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MAG Farmyard Party 2011 the aftermath

MAG Farmyard Party 2011 the aftermath

Last Updated: June 20, 2011 10:52 pm 2 comments

The Hotrod

This years 25th MAG Farmyard party was swamped with over 9000 bikers and party goers, along with some rain, which didn’t stop this party…

Once again the little town of Helmsley was flooded with a wash of bikes, trikes, and all things biker-ish… friday 17th until the 19th June 2011 seen this quite little town explode with a mesmerising amount of motorbikes that every person can appreciate & drowl over, I know i did, the amount of work and skill used in each and every machine that passed me,  captivated the imagination and passion these guys these guys put into each build…

This year, again I took the journey with my bro ShugTech, along with a few old faces & I mean Old :) also a few farmyard virgins to which they had an amazing time & nothing bad happened to them or there tents :P, (note to self: dont get to pissed and forget about the virgins :P )

The ride down for us, was just a haze, one minute we were in Glasgow then burger king appeared at Scotch corner, which was a welcome stop, then we were there unpacking (PARTY TIME)…

Bothwell Services - Glasgow
Bothwell Services – Glasgow

The bands & entertainment this year was excellent, for me the highlights were, as always, the dance tent, bike show, the massive street fighter big-top tent where we seen the sugar bullets along with quite a few other bands, although being as drunk as I was, totally forgot the names.

The Sugar Bullets
The Sugar Bullets

Over in the Back Street heroes tent we had a chance to see Limehouse Lizzy, a fantastic ThinLizzy tribute band which to some was their highlight, to finish of the weekend the annual stripper made her appearance, but I missed the whole thing (due to over indulging)… fortunately we have friends in very close proximity with a nice little HD cam, (video soon)…

my only disappointment this year (along with the weather), was the lack of rodeo bull :) All I wanted to do was beat my 1:05 time from last year…(UPDATE: Now I’ve been told that the Bull was there, Dam Vodka, making me miss that…)

Just a few pictures this year

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