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MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show 2012

MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show 2012

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This weekend (Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2012) saw the MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show accend on Ingliston, just outside Edinburgh, this year showcasing there latest bikes including Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha, Victory and Triumph.

All Pictures..( Copyright © Paddy Mac )

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Shortly after arriving & getting through the pre-paid tickets gate we decided to get something to eat, I tried to buy a bottle of Irn-bru and a couple of bacon rolls, But, Did the English company, burger van sell them? NO… how much was my 2x bacon rolls and a bottle of juice, I hear you ask..? well to my utter disapointment it was £8.40… I know!! bloody hell.

I just cant understand why oh why, at the Scottish Motorcycle show for 2012 in Edinburgh, we would find so many south of the border companies selling and trading along with an English FMX Stunt show, (BrokeFMX) although they were amazing at what they did, they too where from south of the border not that I have anything against them, I would just like to know WHY!

Scotland has a massive amount of talent all around the country, including burger vans, stunt shows and traders, Why did the organisers do this? I just cant understand the reasons for hiring companies so far away, when local companies and groups could have benifited. (rant over)

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