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My Iron Man Mk7 Pepakura Build

My Iron Man Mk7 Pepakura Build

Last Updated: June 1, 2013 11:47 am 0 comments

A few weeks back I stumbled on this forum thread at the replica prop forum, Darkside501st released his pepakura paper/foam files, this my build…

helmet and gauntlets

Big thanks to Darkside501st for the files,
(if you want to build your own suit, visit the forum and talk to Darkside, he will give you the password to the pepakura designer files,
this will allow you to scale and re-size the pieces to fit you.

Sooo.. this is what I’m aiming for..


Using some 160gsm card stock, you can print all the pieces out, and start cutting!

I used a good set of scissors to cut out all my pieces, along with some cheap pound shop super glue, to stick the pieces together, I found that when using a hot glue gun to try stick the smaller bits together, the glue would end up everywhere, so quickly changed to super glue, which was a lot less messier, and faster at setting, which let me build the pieces a lot faster,


Above is the completed helmet, forearm gauntlets and hand plates, now its time to start fibre glassing,


What I did first, was built a little head stand, using a plastic carrier bag, filled with scrunched up paper, I was able to make a head shape, then covered the plastic bag in black gaffa tape to hold its position and shape, this worked out great,


After leaving the fibre glass resin to cure for a day & a half, It was ready to get some cotton applied to the inside, this will create a ridged piece, which can have body filler applied to it.


Here’s the finished outer fibre glass done, all happy :)


I’ll Keep you updated with pictures and video over the coming weeks,

I just hope I can get it all complete for halloween.


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