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UkDroneNationals – Walkthrough & Fun Flight

UkDroneNationals – Walkthrough & Fun Flight

Last Updated: September 2, 2015 3:13 pm 0 comments

having taken part in the UK Drone nationals this past weekend, has taught me a few things about the racing scene.

  1. Make sure the quads are setup and working as you expect before getting there.
  2. Tweaking is all part of the setup,
  3. Have something reliable & on rails as backup!
  4. Take spare video transmitters ( different brands, lots of channels )

The video below was taken at various points through-out the weekend, although no racing footage was included :-(
due to crashing out and just pulling the cable from the fat-sharks, causing the DVR to stop and not record the footage!….


Uk Drone Nationals Gallery

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