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Virginmedia Upgrades the Old NTL News-servers Opens Doors to more Groups

Virginmedia Upgrades the Old NTL News-servers Opens Doors to more Groups

Last Updated: May 17, 2008 11:41 am 0 comments

First of a News Server, what is it? what can it do for me.?
Newsserver: A form of discussion group where contributions are organised by subject matter. It can let you download certain types of media including Movies, music etc..

For anyone that’s currently on a Virgin media broadband connection can gain access to a wide array of binary files (binaries – are a form of emails – messages which has an attachment to them) files to download, such as movies, music, games, TV shows, all the current up to date files that people search for on such programs like limewire (cringe when i hear that name) or bit-torrent websites, such as, the pirate bay etc… but all these files can be found using the likes of outlook express, yes that’s right your trusty Microsoft email client can be configured to connect to these servers and list there contents, were you can queue you downloads and get them downloaded at the top speed that your connection can handle, on a virgin media 20mb connection you can download at around 2.5mb a sec from these servers, which in any case will download a simple 700mb Divx movie in under 7mins….

After Virgin media’s acquisition of the NTL company they started to perform upgrades or changes to their system and they finally got round to changing there newsgroup servers, were before on NTL people could only get access to a small ammount of these various groups (Rooms-to connect to) but now after the upgrade the list of groups has nearly doubled and it includes such rooms like (alt.binaries.boneless) which is about the highest used group on the scene were users will upload lots of content to the server.

Setting up your News client:

there are various types of programs out there that can be used to connect to such servers such as grab-it, outlook express, news rover, all these programs prity much do the same thing, connect to the server – list the information and allow you to queue your files to download…

Outlook express Mozilla Thunderbird:

If you use outlook express or Mozilla Thunderbird all the time then it wont be to hard to set it up to connect to these servers. both programs use nearly the same setup to get you going..
you can follow the guide posted on virginmedia’s site to get you up and running..

To get you started we’ll show you how to set up and subscribe (don’t worry – you won’t have to pay) to your first Virgin Media newsgroups in Outlook Express. First you’ll need to check you have Outlook Express available on your computer:

  1. Click on the Start button in the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Wait for that menu to pop up and you should see Outlook Express in the left half of the panel – click on this to open up the program and you can start to set up newsgroups for Outlook Express.
  • If you can’t find this, then hover over All Programs and another menu should pop up – you should see Outlook Express within the long list of programs – click on this to open up the program and you can start to set up newsgroups for Outlook Express.
  • That is aquick set guide to get your Outlook setup from the Virginmedia’s site, but look how many steps there is , not many at all, if more and more people use such services which are free to most, then such sites like mininova etc which uses crap(in my opinion) peer to peer technology, were you have to rely on other peoples connection speed, were as you can use the servers thats there already and get your download faster than any bit-torrent site i know of..

    Below is a list of groups from my program Grab-it which shows the new groups available to anyone on a NTL or virginmeida connection, you can use NZB (just like a bit-torrent file) indexing websites to view content posted to these servers like nzbmatrix which stores all the group files and lists them in such a way that its more user frienldy, much like mininova or the piratebay torrent sites….

    newsserver group listnewsserver group list 02

    after working with NZB files for somtime now and paying other companies to get access i find that these servers provide as much content as paid servers, granted not all the groups are there but prity much all the ones that keep me downloading are there, ie xbox 360, movies, HDTV, tv-shows…

    i just hope this was all good and it gives other people less inclined to use such services to give them ago and see how they get on, and maybe such virus spreading programs will stop infecting users pc systems and having to get people like me to fix them….

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